Rabu, 4 Jun 2014

Iklan: Advanced Coaching Essensials, 8-11 July 2014 Subang

If you are a COACH, are you ready to unleash the transformational change and upgrade coaching skills in you to the highest professional level?

OR If you are a MANAGER, are you ready to develop a coaching management style to improve performance and to unleash potential in your organization?

OR If you are the OWNER of a company, are you ready to see, hear and feel your employees perform at highest level and maximize your resources to obtain the highest productivity?

OR If you are a COUNSELOR/TRAINER/CONSULTANT, are you ready to master coaching skills to help your clients identify their capabilities so that they can use them to the best of their ability?

If you have said YES to any of these statements, then this International Certification Training is definitely for YOU! This training will equip you with coaching skills that will clearly set you apart from the rest and will have your clients or team saying WOW! "That coaching session with you was a life changing."

The more you think, the more you want to join and click:

More info: http://coachingmindsint.com/

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