Selasa, 2 Oktober 2012

IKLAN: SASW for Engineers & Researchers

This seminar is of importance to Engineers and researchers in materials such as concrete,pavement and soils where they can be applied to evaluation, maintenance and design. Any of our academic staffs who are interested are welcome to join.

Date: 1 - 2 Nov. 2012
Place: FKAB, UKM, Bangi
Fee: RM400 (RM350 for ITC2012 Conference Participants)

We are inviting our guest speakers, Prof. Sung-Ho Joh from CAU, Korea and Dr. Sri Atmaja from Muhamadiyah University of Indonesia. Prof. Joh will be giving lectures on testing and processing of data and myself together with Dr. Sri Atmaja will lecture on applications in concrete, pavement and soils. This is a hands on seminar where the participants will be guided on field testing, data processing, interpretation and calculations to obtain parameters such as modulus, insitu stress-strain behaviour of materials, bearing capacity and settlement of concrete, pavement and soils.

Please help me to spread this invitation for those interested outside UKM as well.

Khairul Anuar Mohd.
Nayan Department of Civil and Structural Engineering Faculty of Engineering
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

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