Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dr AK: Tips Bagaimana Mahu Menang Pilihanraya?

5 Mei 2013 adalah tarikh keramat bagi BN dan PR kerana hari tersebutlah diumumkan pihak mana yang akan menawan putrajaya. Persoalan yang bermain di minda setiap calon sekarang adalah bagaimana mahu menang undi. Apakah strategi yang perlu dilakukan untuk mencapai cita-cita tersebut.

Mari tuan, abang, kakak dan adik-adik yang terlibat dengan kempen samada tahap macai atau tahap calon memikirkan sejenak. :) Mahukah anda mengetahui satu kisah bagaimana Barack Obama memenangi pilihanraya di Amerika sedangkan dia berkulit hitam yang minoriti? Semuanya mungkin dengan NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Setiap calon perlu mengetahui teknik-teknik NLP atau setidak-tidaknya mempunyai think tank dari golongan NLPers sebagaimana yang dilakukan oleh ahli-ahli politik hebat dunia. Baca artikel di bawah untuk maklumat lanjut. Selamat berNLP. 

Ir. Dr. Anuar Kasa
P/S: Kajian terhadap ucapan beliau yang menggunakan teknik hipnosis (pdf), sesuai untuk penelitian NLPer di masa pilihanraya ini: http://www.pennypresslv.com

How President Barack Obama Used NLP To Captivate The Masses

President Barack Obama: The Oratory Phenom

Some of the classic NLP patterns and techniques which Obama successfully used to take USA by storm and won elections:

• Conversational hypnosis
• Non-logical speech patterns
• Trance inductions
• Hypnotic techniques
• Anchoring
• Pacing and Leading
• Embedded Commands

The tactics he uses are impossible for the untrained eye and brain to detect. Barack Obama had used non-logical speech patterns during his presidential speeches, which bypass the logical brain [NLP 101]; textbook trance induction patters, all of which work on a subconscious level (without you knowing).

We all can agree, whether Liberal (as I am) or Conservative, that Obama wasn’t supposed to win re-election. Most pundits on both sides of the political spectra, leaned towards a Romney victory, mainly because of a poor economy.

Romney should’ve won! And most of us agreed [as much as I'm anti-Romney]!
However, they’d underestimated President Obama’s persuasive and charming abilities (via NLP which he’d studied as a Harvard-schooled lawyer).

In his re-election bid, Obama’s slogan and mantra was “4 more years, 4 more years”!!!
Just as in 2008, he had the “Yes we can, yes we can” and the “Hope and change” mantras, which were popular as hell!!!

I heard them so often that even in my sleep, I was unconsciously humming “hope and change, hope and change” [as cheesy as it sounds]!

That shit drove me crazy!

In NLP, this technique/pattern is called “Embedded Commands”.
Governor Romney never had a slogan, a mantra, a theme nor a catch phase [anchors].

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney

Had he, Mitt Romney, been an NLP practitioner and applied it successfully, he would’ve beaten Obama by a landslide!Had John McCain used NLP [persuasion tactics], Barack Obama would’ve never won the presidency in the first place.

But McCain obviously knew nothing of NLP tactics, coupled with the fact that he lacked charisma, charms, wits, etc [all of which are assets to physical leads]. People who are great at Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Bill Clinton as another example, are charming, seductive and witty.

Neither John McCain nor Mitt Romney possessed any of those qualities needed to persuade people to fervently and passionately vote for them or support their causes. Clinton was dubbed the 1st. black President largely by way of the NLP tactics which he’d used!

President Bill Clington
President Bill Clington

He made a fat-white guy (himself) appear cool and “down”, which made us love him!!
Just as then Senator Obama was able to convince whites that it was OK to vote for a black man, whom they would’ve never contemplated voting for just a year prior.

He made it appear “cool and hip” (for white youths) to have a black president; especially in this age of pop-culture where white kids are the biggest fans and supporters of Hip-Hop and sports clubs in the NBA and NFL.

Hypothetically, let’s say that it was another black guy who was running for president instead of Obama: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Martin Luther King (had he been alive). They would NOT have won nor stood a chance of winning!
They would’ve been deemed too old to appeal to the Hip-Hop and Social-media generation (of white kids) who were instrumental in putting Obama in La Casa Blanca. Just as McCain and Romney were unable to appeal to them [too old and too out of touch]. So Barack capitalized off the young vote by appealing to their senses, which comes back to NLP once again.

This isn’t trickery by the way.